In Memory

Mark Sutcliffe

Rochester, NY:  June 26, 1969

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01/25/12 10:29 PM #1    

Richard "Alex" Chamberlain

Good memories.  Played guitar in our junior high band, the Raspberry Rainbow, before he failed to survive open heart surgery.  What a bummer.  Bands were big on "flavor names" back then,as well as colors.  Remember the Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Deep Purple?

01/26/12 11:45 PM #2    

Annette Gaul

Mark was such a sweet guy.  You don't remember people for more than 40 years unless they touched your life.  Mark's engaging manner and friendliness touched us all. 

02/01/12 03:01 PM #3    

Larry Cooper

Mark lived in my neighborhood just two houses away.  We had a lot of fun together and I still remember the go-kart we built one summer in his garage.  And I also remember when my mother came downstairs in tears to tell me that Mark hadn't survived the open heart surgery.  May you rest in peace my good friend.

04/15/12 08:55 PM #4    

Suzanne Clayton

Definately a life gone too soon.  The first classmate I knew to pass away. 

I remember when they were building his house behind ours, and when he moved in.  We were friends in school, and out of school.  He had overcome adversity, as he had a glass eye, the result of falling asleep with a newly gifted pocket knife open at 5yo.  The heart murmer had been there since birth.  His sense of humor was awesome, and we could banter with one liner comebacks for hours.

OK on this note I am a bit bitter towards his parents.  The most experienced surgeon wasn't available at the time they decided to have the surgery, but they had vacation plans to Europe, and nothing was stopping that.  Mark had the surgery with an inexperienced MD, that allowed an air bubble to enter his system...His parents left for Europe with the rest of the family, while Mark was on life support.  Mark died while they were gone. 

I heard of his death before his parents had come back to the states.  I'm still PO'd that he's gone.

Dirty little secret, but a bit all to common with some parents in Pittsford. 

Hopefully a few lessons to be learned:  One, if you need surgery have it done by one with experience and a good track record.  Two, our children are our future, and they deserve our time and attention before our desire for an overseas vacation.  Three, parents that place their desire for pleasure above the well being of their child, don't deserve to be parents.

06/04/12 04:33 PM #5    

Ken Barnes

When I moved to Pittsford in 8th grade, Mark was the person who took me under his wing, introduced me around, made the new kid feel comfortable.  I remember being struck at the time that this guy, who clearly had plenty of friends already, was making a point of doing this for me.  I've never forgotten that, or him. 

09/14/12 10:27 PM #6    

Jeffrey Entz

I was good friends with Mark in grade school . We both played the clarinet in the school band though he was much better at it than I.  Over the years we drifted apart.  Like Sue said, he was the first of our class I heard of passing. 

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