About This Site

The Pittsford High School Class of 1972 Web site is intended to act as an on-going record of our class. The site is, and will remain, FREE for classmates to use.

The site is an address book of sorts that will allow us to keep classmates informed about events and up-coming activies. It will work best if everyone in the class is aware this site exists, and if we are able to communicate with all classmates that are interested. For those that have privacy concerns, we believe we have systems in place that can accomodate most of them, so please contact us if you have questions.

The site is also a bulletin board to post various messages and memories. With the current popularity of Facebook, it seems that our page there might be the best place for interactive "conversations" and topics of a more immediate nature. A memory of a teacher, classmate, or event, would fit well here. An invitation announcment to a teacher's retirement party might be better posted on the Facebook page. When in doubt, post it in both locations.

With the class's continued participation, the site can also act as a perpetual yearbook... with photos from class functions, photos of classmate's daily lives, and announcements of celebration or loss. It is, and will be, what you choose to make of it.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.