Pittsford Sutherland HS Class 1972 
Official Facebook page of the Pittsford High School Class of 1972

Visit the page and join the conversation or just see what some of your classmates are up to these days.

You Know You're From Pittsford, NY when... 
Facebook page for past and present residents of Pittsford, NY

(Old page... being phased out) Visit the page and share what growing up in Pittsford, NY was like for you.

The Kingswood Shop 
8900 Kula Highway • Maui, HI 96790 • (808) 878-3626
Custom designed handcrafted furniture shop owned by Peter Naramore

If you are a classmate and have a link you'd like to add here, please let us know. For those that are able, we request a one time $20.00 donation to help keep this site free for the rest of the class to use.