Class of 1972 - 50th Reunion Survey


Hope all is well with you and yours, that you've overcome the challenges of the past year, and that you are looking forward to reengaging with the outside world.

Next year, 2022, will be the 50th anniversary of the Pittsford High School Class of 1972 graduation. I currently have contact information for roughly half of the class. Any help with locating those on the Missing List would be greatly appreciated. Should a reunion come to pass, would hate for a classmate to miss the reunion just because they weren't aware of it. At this point, not sure just how many more of these there will be.

The following is a survey to determine what interest there is in holding a 50 Year Reunion.

One side note that may be of interest, the class of 1971 has decided to postpone their reunion until the weekend of September 30 thru October 2, 2022, so that might present the opportunity for some joint activities or perhaps it would be a weekend you'd like to avoid. Just thought you should be aware when responding to the included survey.

Questions, comments, or suggestions welcome. You know where to find me.

Best regards,
Bob Ward
Class Truant


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