50 Year Reunion - Revisited

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year. I hope all is well with you and yours.

I received an inquiry today from a classmate concerning the 50 Year Reunion. After responding, I thought I should also update the rest of you.

I’ve got to take primary responsibility for the delay with reunion information. First, because the initial response was only from 55 that expressed an interest in attending a 50 Year Reunion so I was reluctant to source and commit to a much larger (and more expensive) venue that would accommodate more people (though I “think" more would attend).

Then the “All-Class Reunion” (done well before but more classes from the early 80s) announced another reunion in late May 2022. I considered just working with them for our main event (great country club setting, food, drinks, and a band) and then maybe doing something casual for the 1972 class alone… either in conjunction with the May event or in the fall. I do recall that the October date had many conflicts for people last time so was considering mid-September… just after kids are back to school. All of this was contingent on COVID being in our rearview by 2022.

Wellllll… that’s not the case. The All-Class Reunion has now been canceled (postponed at least until 2023) and I’ve been reluctant to push too hard on dates and venues with not knowing if COVID will even allow people to travel and gather. Of the venues I’ve talked to, if we book a venue, we’re on the hook for the fee if we decide to cancel. So that’s where I’m at.

If the vaccines had been better received and vax rates were over 90% now, I’d consider just going ahead and holding the event and taking our chances but with something like a third of Americans refusing to get vaccinated… or even wear a mask, I’ve got no reason to believe that wouldn’t be the case with the class so having proof of vaccination status or even mask requirements, IMO, would be a non-starter.

So, the question now is, do we proceed and hope that COVID allows travel and gathering by September, or do we postpone a year, or perhaps more, and wait for the effects of COVID to wain?

IMO, if we decide 2022 is a must, we will need to book soon to have the best choice of venues and dates. If we decide to postpone, we can still start planning for venues and dates and then just put them into action when COVID allows.

If you would, please take a minute to answer the 3-question survey.

Best to you and I hope we can catch up a bit at the reunion… whenever that might be :-) Until then...

Best regards,
Bob Ward

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* Answer Required
1)   * Considering the persistence of COVID and not knowing whether people will be able to travel and/or gather in the fall of 2022, how likely would you be to attend a fall 2022 50 Year Reunion?

  Definitely would attend
  Probably would attend
  Not sure
  Probably would not attend
  Definitely would not attend
2)   * Knowing what we know now, when would you prefer to hold our 50? Year Reunion?

  When COVID ceases to be a factor
3)   * Personally, I'm not really interested in holding a "masked" reunion, so considering COVID, what requirements, if any, would you want for attendees?

  2022 with proof of full vaccination
  2022 with no vaccination requirement
  2023 with proof of full vaccination
  2023 with no vaccination requirement
  Hold the reunion when COVID ceases to be a factor