50 Year Reunion Survey

The costs to put on this reunion can vary WIDELY based on our attendance figures so it is VERY important for the reunion committee to begin to get a sense of how many people will be attending each of the three formal functions as well the side activities. There is a very brief survey questionnaire below that will be tremendously helpful to us in our efforts to organize a successful reunion experience for all. The survey is just 7 questions and will only take you a minute or two to complete. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a moment NOW to complete the survey.

We are looking forward to seeing you ALL at the reunion in September. Be well and stay safe until then.

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1)   * Now that we have our 50 Year Reunion well under way, it is is VERY important for us to get an idea of how many people will be attending. At this point, do you plan to attend the 50 Year Reunion?

2)   If you are planning to attend, will you most likely attend alone or with a "plus one"?

  Just me
  With another person
3)   Which of the three formal functions do you believe you will be available to attend?

  Friday evening at B-Side
  Saturday evening at My Wine & Cheese Bar Too
  Sunday morning at King's Bend Park

Please check all that apply.
4)   Which of the side activities do you think might be of interest to you?

  Tour of Sutherland High School
  Guided tour of downtown Pittsford
  Tour of the Paul Spiegel Community Center
  Boat tour of the canal
  None of the above

Check all that apply.
5)   If you will be attending from out-of-town, would you like suggestions/assistance finding lodging for that weekend?

Yes No
6)   Do you have any suggestions for other activities or functions that could be included during the Reunion Weekend?

7)   Do you have any general comments about the reunion that you'd like to pass along to the reunion committee?