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02/10/12 10:18 AM #1    


Bob Ward

Please help...

If you are in communication with, or know the whereabouts of, any of the classmates on the "Missing Classmates" page, please get in touch with them and ask them to sign up here. As you have seen, it doesn't cost anything, and no further active participation is required. But we'd like people to at least be aware of class events, before they happen. So if you can help us, we'd REALLY appreciate it. TIA. -- Bob

02/14/12 08:25 AM #2    

Thomas Reifsteck

Is this the best we can do at adding in our missing classmates ??  I know I have FB'd with Bruce Bolger within the last year or so, I am FB friend with Kevin McLean's sister, and have vauge recolection of contacting Mercer Brugler's son trying to find him.  I want to say Kudos to those sho are spearhaeding the reunion and who have been diliget to set up this web site.  Thank you !!   Andy Snow can ya find Paul Schriener bro ?

02/14/12 08:26 AM #3    

Thomas Reifsteck

Is this the best we can do at adding in our missing classmates ??  I know I have FB'd with Bruce Bolger within the last year or so, I am FB friend with Kevin McLean's sister, and have vauge recolection of contacting Mercer Brugler's son trying to find him.  I want to say Kudos to those who are spearhaeding the reunion, and those who have been diliget to set up and maintain this web site.  Thank you !!  

Andy Snow can ya find Paul Schriener bro ?

10/02/12 10:31 PM #4    


Christine Irwin (Biasetti)

I was talking to my brother Jesse ('74) today, about life, stuff, and about coming to this reunion - and I have to admit -  four months ago I was kind of...ehh, I don't think I need to go, who's going to be there after all these years? Most of the people I took pictures of at the 20th aren't signed up  - Why do I want to go?  I really don't keep up with anyone except Pam Rochow (who is not coming!!!) through Christmas cards, Mindy Reynolds who I'm fortunate to run into once in a few years, and a few facebookers....but when Jesse said "If they had a Pittsford High School reunion every weekend, I would go up there!  it really made me nostalgic, so I just wanted to say: 

To all of our organizers for this (gasp) 40th reunion - thank you now (because you might get a moment of tribute, but it won't be nearly enough)  for all of your hard work and contributions - because every minute of fun, every moment of recognition, every thought of "Hi! it's so good to see you (who the heck are you?), every story we re-tell,  every bite we take, every sip we take,  every move on the dance floor, every second of every event will happen because of the time you were willing to give up to plan for all of us.  Thank you.  Thank you so much!

Chrissy Irwin

10/05/12 11:45 AM #5    


Debbie White (Rizzo)

What Chrissy said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/07/12 12:34 AM #6    


Cynthia Hamilton

DITTO!  Thank-you to all who helped to get this reunion off-the-ground!!!  It was a terrific party!!

~Cindy Hamilton


10/07/12 01:06 PM #7    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Thank you ,thank you to the entire reunion committee! You all did a wonderful job giving the rest of us an awesome weekend! I admire your computer skills for the web site and all the details it took to make the reunion special. It was such a pleasure visiting with old(timeline ,not age:)) friends and people I barely new in high school.My husband who did not know anyone ,except Craig Johnson,even had a great time! So thanks and God Bless the class of 1972!

Laurie Lupinetti Brooks

10/07/12 03:54 PM #8    

Chip Tobey

Well the class of 1972 was is session again this weekend. It was great to see so many of you and I was glad that all was well with you. Cara and I are already planning for 50 and spending more time.

10/07/12 05:30 PM #9    


Victor Nowrocki

I want ALL of you who attended last night to know that reconnecting with you no matter how well I did or did not know you back in school was the best part of the entire event for me; all else paled in comparison. And for those of you who I did not even get to speak with, I feel I missed out on something and for that I offer my apology for not finding time. They had me running.

So once again, thanks, you made me feel special. 

I hope we keep in touch especially with this site a central posting.


Your friend and classmate,


Vic Nowrocki

10/09/12 04:03 PM #10    

Lynn Lytle (Stadtmiller)

I just want to say thank you thank you for everyone and including people who attended the reunion I had the best time. As you  know I personally lost my voice both days if you can believe it, I will probably be still talking about this for years to come. I sure hope that we will not have to wait for along time before we all get together again. I would like you all to meet the most important person in my life.. I think he is pretty awesome. Thanks again for all of your hard work and thanks to all of you who came in from out of town.    Please keep in touch via my email if you would like to keep in touch.. I know I will try and answer in a timely fashion............

Your old friend


Lynn Lytle-Stadtmilller

10/09/12 04:09 PM #11    


Sally Webber (Centner)

Thank you to all the 40th reunion organizers!  It was a fun party and very fun to try to guess who was who. I discovered reconnecting with people I have not seen in the past 20 or 40 years ( depending on whether they came to our 20th reunion) is a heathy thing.. Pittsford was a great place to grow up.  And I  enjoyed looking through our senior year book and remembering Cygnets, SWAMP and other activities I have rarely thought about in the last 40 years.

I regret my high school exchange student Tina Kjerheim (from Norway) was not able to attend,  She was hoping to come but had a business conflict in Spain.  

See you at our next reunion!

Sally Webber (Centner)


03/04/13 11:42 AM #12    

Kathy Bement (Whitson)

Sorry to have missed the 40th reunion. My Mom passed away in September and I've been dealing with the grief. "It's a process." Hope to make the 50th.



03/04/13 03:30 PM #13    

Chip Tobey

Sorry for your loss. Both my parents have been gone for a while. You feel just a bit more lonely and see the book has been mostly read. I hope to see you for the 50th.

04/28/13 07:36 PM #14    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Hi Kathy,

Sorry about your mom. I lost my dad 24 years ago and mom 7 years ago and I still miss them terribly.I can reassure you though in time the pain lessens to a soft spot in your heart instead of a painful spot in your heart.Treasure all your memories and have faith in the promise of Jesus to be joined again! Hope to see you at the next reunion.

God Bless


03/20/14 10:56 PM #15    


Craig Avery

In Gil Petrie's Biology class, Steve Quigley was mouthing off in the back row with some other football players.  Mr. Petrie had a long wooden pointer with a rubber tip in his hand.  In an attempt to quiet Steve down, he waived the pointer at Steve. The tip flew off, sailed down the entire length of the room, and hit Steve square in the forehead right between his eyes. We all broke out in hysterics, and Steve yelled something like, "I know I was making noise, but I didn't deserve corporal punishment!", and we roared again.  Mr. Petrie was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely.

03/21/14 11:20 AM #16    

David Johnston

I recently found out I have early Stage II prostate cancer.....with radiation treatment and the love and support of my family and friends I am expecting a full recovery.

My best wishes, prayers and love to all of you as you deal with the curveballs life has or will throw your way. 

Keep the spirit guys and never, ever give up!!!  smiley


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