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11/04/14 07:02 PM #21    


Victor Nowrocki

May God Bless and keep you Mary Lou!

11/05/14 08:28 AM #22    

Becky Bausch

Only once for me and as cancers go, I was luck.  Caught it early, a bit of radiation and 15 years clear.   Think the older we get the more these things crop up, just like disfunctional families.   Didn't thimk my family was that wierd until we moved into middle age.  didnt think these diseases were around when we were little, but maybe we just didn't realize it.  

Went to Pittsford last month and after a visit to my dad, had lunch at Hick's and McCarthy's.  Even that has changed.... What's the world coming to...Carrolls and Don & Bobs are gone, Hicks is a really good restaurant we all have grey hair and muffin tops.....I want to go back to Kansas dorothy!

11/05/14 12:14 PM #23    

Cheryl Rosenbaum (Harper)

My borther Mark Rosenbaum, some of you may have known him, was a year behind us. He had Hodgkins Disease while in law school at Buffalo. He died about 10 years ago because of a weakened heart due to the large amounts of radiation back then (the standard is much less today). Just wondering if those of you in cancer research know if there is a higher incidence of cancers in upstate NY than in othe parts of the country for people who came of age in the 1960s-early 70s.


11/06/14 03:26 PM #24    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry to read of all the illness so many of you have had and the tragic incident for Victor.My heart goes out to you all.

I want to share with you that the beautiful young girl,AnnaRose Shove, who was murdered this summer and you just heard about on the news this week was my niece. She is the daughter of my husband's sister.She lived next door to us since she was born and was like our second daughter. She was extremely talented,bright,loving and compassionate to people and animals. She only wanted to make people happy.She was to be a senior this year at Wayne Central. We love her very much.

We are very sad and angry and hope justice will prevail for AnnaRose.I  hope that one day we stop parolling people who are dangerous to our children.I don't know who to contact yet about changing things but I plan to try. AnnaRose and her family loved Brennan Beach and been going there since she was a little girl.My daughter went with her many times.She should of been safe there! When will this stop and our children and grandchildren can be safe!

Please keep our family in thoughts and prayers and you and your family stay safe

Laurie Lupinetti Brooks

11/07/14 12:08 PM #25    


Bob Ward

Hi Laurie,

Sorry to learn of your loss. I'm glad they appear to have the culprit in custody and hope that, if guilty, the system will see that he is never able to do anything like this again.

If you'd like, I can repost your message over on the Class of 1972 page on Facebook for those that don't visit here frequently. Please let me know.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Bob Ward


11/07/14 04:55 PM #26    


Robert Merrill

So sorry to hear of this tragedy. It is so senseless. 

11/08/14 07:48 AM #27    


Susi Kennedy


I'm sorry for your tragic loss.  Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.



11/09/14 07:58 PM #28    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Thank you for your sympathies. For now I won't put anything on facebook so no disruption to the case.I don't know much anyway except we miss Anna terribly and hope justice is done for her.I am sure you all will hear more on the news and read in the newspapers.Take care,Laurie

11/10/14 11:41 AM #29    

Kathy Bement (Whitson)


So tragic and so many more will fall victims to a system that is broken? She was a beautiful young girl with the world ahead of her. I'm truly sorry for your loss and for the community's loss of a young girl just starting to pursue life. The best you can do is remember and advocate and it sounds like you've started to do both.

Kathy Bement Whitson

02/10/16 03:41 PM #30    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

  Hi Bob,
Thank you!! I hope you and yours are well! 

Do you remember last year I told you about my 17 year old niece who was murdered while camping with her family. I could not say much then but we finished the trial in December and he was convicted of second degree murder .We went to Oswego County court today for his sentencing. He received the maximum which is 25 years to life. He is a monster so hopefully he will be in prison for life. He should never be able to hurt another girl again! You may see it on the news today. 
Not a fun way to celebrate a birthday but I don't care as it was a great gift to me for the judge to sentence him with the maximum sentence. My niece, AnnaRose, was a joy to us and everyone who knew her. We miss her very much.

This monster was out on parole when he did this. We need to make our parole system more regulated and keep dangerous people in jail! Also if anyone sees anything suspicious please call the police. If one person had called 911 and reported the suspicious nature of this man we may still have AnnaRose.

Last time you asked if you could post this on our class Facebook and I declined but now you can if you want.

Thank you Bob and take care yourself!

02/11/16 10:07 AM #31    


Robert Merrill

Happy same-day-as-mine Birthday Laurie. Thanks you for informing me of the Judge's verdict and the person who did this tragic hing got what he deserved. Hope you can now finally go on with things and be at peace.

02/12/16 08:55 AM #32    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Happy Birthday Bob! I did not realize we had the same day. We are social security worthy! :) I do not plan to retire yet. I still love my job at the same dentist office for close to 34 years. I have grown up with the patients there. I hope you had a great day and enjoy life in whatever makes you most happy! Thank you for your condolences regarding my niece. She was an awesome young lady!

02/07/17 10:25 PM #33    


Suzanne Clayton

Laurie so sorry to hear of your loss.  I just checked back into this site and heard the news a bit late.  I was wondering why you had left facebook.

I was the victim of an attempted murder in March 1985, Thank God I had self defense training from the military and was able to fight off my assailant and survive.  

Parents of Murdered Children was a great support group for me.  I notice there isn't one in your area.  You can start one:  

Here they worked with local law the time I was assaullted prostitutes were receiving longer sentences than murderers and child molesters...they brought about change.  My assailant had been convicted of murdering another woman a year prior to my assault, he had only served one year!  

You have to find a group or someone you can relate to on this to heel or take action to help others.

02/09/17 08:31 AM #34    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Hi Sue!!

How are you?

Thank you for your sympathies and information. I am very sorry you suffered through such a terrible event. Thank goodness you were able to protect yourself. I have said a hundred times or more I wish my niece knew martial arts.

I will research the website you sent me. One thing I always tell people now is be aware and report anything suspicious. Many witnesses at the trial saw the monster who killed my niece and were suspicious of him but no one called 911 or questioned him. They truly regret not reporting him.

We all miss AnnaRose very much!  We started a scholarship in her memory at Wayne Central and at Wayne Tech Center where she was studying cosmetology. We have had very successful fundraisers and there is enough funded to give a scholarship at schools for many years. The main requirement is the person who wins is kind and thoughtful like AnnaRose was.

On a lighter note, remember the birthday parties at my house?  I have a great picture of many of us, including you, on the sofa at my house sitting on the back of it. I think it was my 13th birthday so that is 50 years ago this Friday!!  If I remember correctly we had a rock band in the living room for the party! LOL!  Those were truly the days! Also all the horse activities! Pretty carefree! 

Thanks again Sue for reaching out to me and sharing your story.Take care yourself! Laurie

We all need to pray and work together for a better world for our children's future. Let's all get along and care for one another with compassion, peace, love and charity.

02/16/17 12:07 PM #35    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

Congratulatons to Al Vyverberg on his retirement from coaching McQuaid! There is a great article in the D&C about him. You can find it on line  Wednesday Feb.15th. We should all be very proud of him!

02/17/17 01:34 PM #36    


Bob Ward

Thanks for posting, Laurie!

10/16/21 02:54 PM #37    

June Becker

Hi Bob Ward,

Trying to email you a response to your email but it keeps getting kicked back as undeliverable.  I am not sending it to the "no reply," I am sending it to what is noted at the bottom of your email.  EEK - I am not sure what I am doing wrong........

10/17/21 08:43 AM #38    


Susi Kennedy



I'm having the same problem as June trying to respond to your e-mail re:  reunion.


10/18/21 08:00 PM #39    


Laurie Lupinetti (Brooks)

I am having the same problem with the emails to Bob being returned.


01/10/22 01:27 PM #40    


J. B. Conti

        Happy to report that I am currently above ground and taking solid (and an occasional liquid )  nourishment on a daily basis.  Aside from brief residenies in Kathmandu where i was an aspiring (but failed) Yogi and The Christmas Island City of Fly Fishing Cove I have maintained a Western NY residency.  Looking at my Senior picture on this site certainly helps to resurface very fond memories of 50+ years ago.  I have sitll maitained my high school weight and all my hair and really haven't changed at all.  I run into Hauser, Habecker and Kelly on occasion and I'm afraid they are unable to make the similiar claims......

       Way cool to see the names of HS classmates and relive (if only in my mind) the rebellious chicanery that somehow we all experienced.  i am truly grateful we are still here to recal it. Hoping some sort of gathering is in our future and I share a heartfelt laugh with all of you.   

01/11/22 08:19 AM #41    

Tina Franz (Maxfield)

Although it is impossible for me to attend any gatherings, I have really enjoyed reading the email postings and occasional updates . What fun to walk down Memory Lane now and then!

Best to all-



01/27/23 09:22 PM #42    

Patti Winans (Patric)

Sallie Covington passed away 12/21/22. She was very sharp right up to the end and loved her travel to Europe on the Queen Mary. We were neighbors for the last 25 years and got to be good friends. I told her I like her as a friend much better than as a teacher because she was hard on me and would not let me skip. She would laugh her butt off. I will miss her.

09/27/23 08:11 AM #43    

Chip Tobey

Sorry I missed the reunion. I wanted to be there. What a good looking bunch of people. Thanks Bob and committee for putting it together and providing pictures. Pittsford HS was a great experience.



















09/28/23 08:10 AM #44    

Cornelia Jones

it looks like you guys had a great time. I'm sorry I missed it.  

12/10/23 10:08 PM #45    


Paul Kermis

Thanks Bob for putting this website together along with all the updates. I found it rather disturbing when I came across the surprising lengthy "In Memory" listing. As I perused through the list recognizing more names than I was anticipating; I began to read the obituaries of those that I did remember. So many of them have passed from hell inspired illnesses, conditions or diseases. My heart and tears goes out to those I did know and also to those I should have, and to their families who suffer equally, if not greater, and for far longer.

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